February 13, 2015

Speak Up! & Succeed

Speak Up! & SucceedSales representatives, business owners, professionals, team leaders, trainers and employees at every level can transform a working life into satisfying and successful living.

Here’s what you need to know: the difference between failure and success is knowing what to say and when to say it. Everyday you have the opportunity to say the one thing that will transform your life. I guarantee you can say it tomorrow.

Warning: there are gurus who tell you that listening is the key to success. This is a dangerous belief.

The truth is, you cannot listen your way to the top. Nor can you listen your way to a secure future or a life of deep personal fulfillment.

The Speak Up System gives you the backbone of success. This system delivers predictable and consistent success for you with prospects, customers, co-workers, superiors, subordinates, trainees, team members and suppliers.

You master an easy to use 3-act system that helps you structures every conversation, presentation and meeting. You get the formulas and examples for your

  1. Great Opening
  2. Streamlined Content using an easy to build Library of Success
  3. Great Closing

Using Four Dimensions of Decision-making, you customize your content for 5 specific types of audiences:

  • ducks
  • woodpeckers
  • peacocks
  • owls
  • chicken littles

You choose from the following 4 types of interactions to get you exactly what you want from anyone:

  • persuasive
  • team
  • training
  • briefing

Plus, you see how to identify which component to powerfully lead off each interaction, and how to manage your time: whether it’s as brief as five minutes or as long as a five-day conference. Through dozens of examples, stories and insights you meet people in every business situation, successfully using the Speak Up System.

You come away empowered to re-vitalize relationships and launch the most successful phase of your career: no matter what your work history has been, or what your role, title or pay grade currently is. From now on, you’ll map your meetings, large and small, to arrive at your destination of success in time to enjoy it.

You may already be in the habit of listening so well that you are simply vacuuming up the litter in other people’s minds. An open mind is as dangerous as an open wound. You may have already caught what s going around: poor work habits, lack of self-motivation, failure and depression. The cure for it all is an outcome-mind, which you build via the Speak Up System.

You get clarity about your life’s goal, and create the perfect plan to achieve the ideal outcome in each and every interaction along the path to your success. Other people become your audience, whenever you desire. You have the advantage over them, now that you have the tools to overcome any type of resistance.

You discover that every time you have five minutes or more, you can Speak Up and Succeed, simply by taking your audience through the five stages of transformation:

  • Attention
  • Knowledge
  • Preference
  • Conviction
  • Action

This system is compatible with any job or project, you rapidly get the benefits, it s simple to use and you become the symbol of success: a role-model and trusted advisor to others.

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