January 1, 2015


Personal Branding and Personal Intelligence

Business Communication and Sales Training

Career Planning, Development and Successful Transition

Strategic Business Development and Global Marketing

Frequently Requested Keynotes + Workshops:

  • Communication leadership: The “three-act play” every TED speaker uses to amaze and empower audiences
  • Reputation management: How to get big visibility in just 20 minutes a day  
  • Social media + marketing: A no-selling strategy so investors, prospects and partners reach out to you
  • Personal branding: How to get paid for being YOU when others simply sell products + services
  • Billion Dollar Personal Branding: How to avoid 10 killer mistakes and live the life of a billion dollar brand
  • Business etiquette: The fine art of making your way in the world today and winning over anyone, anywhere
  • Business communication: 4 styles of meetings to meet all your group goals + transform resistant mindsets easily
  • Conversation skills for business: Gambits, pivots, trigger talk and tricks that make you memorable + successful
  • Self-regulation: 4 uncommon but essential life mastery tools for leaders and achievers
  • Decision-making: 5 ways you can use your brain for gain + persuade even your toughest critics 
  • Public speaking: Overcoming anxiety so you feel real joy speaking to audiences anywhere, any time
  • Business development: 10 stages to stimulate profitable, sustainable relationships, referrals + recommendations
  • Global Marketing: The real “secret formula” behind Coke’s success + how you can use it NOW
  • Secret Questions CEOs Ask: How to recruit + hire perfect candidates + identify great strategic partners
  • Introduce Yourself the Billion Dollar Personal Brand Way: What you must say every day, to everyone you meet

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