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About Nance

"Every day you have the opportunity to say the one thing that will change your life."

Nance Rosen is a former marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, the number one most recognized brand in the world. The first woman director of marketing in the Fortune 500 technology sector, past president of the Medical Marketing Association and a successful serial entrepreneur, she hosted International Business of Public Radio and NightCap on television, where she spoke to the world’s most important people in business, politics, labor and government.

Nance is CEO of ShoutBRAND and NanceSpeaks!, and Executive Publisher at Pegasus Media World: the Success Press. She produced a Wall Street Journal bestseller, BusinessWeek bestseller and the number one sales book on Amazon. The author of Speak Up & Succeed: How to get everything you want in meetings, presentations and conversations and the Library of Success, Nance is a world-class speaker, a faculty member at UCLA Extension and a business and career coach for success-minded clients.

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Alexander Bekhterev

Marketing Professional
I was lucky to drop 2 courses at UCLA & finally got into her class. Now I’m taking the advantage of the communication process & building even better relations with people. There are 3 unforgettable events in your life: when you are born, when you have first sex & when you meet Nance.

Rose Cole

Speaker, Author, Spiritual Guide
I’ve been working with Nance on my branding. I’ve worked with several other people before in the past and never felt like anything was a home run. This is just a total tier above anything else.

Mark Stern

Sales Trainer, Ingram Micro
Marketing at Ingram does not follow the traditional approach yet Nance was able to customize and personalize the material. Our associates said: Fabulous! Have her back again and again.

Frank Joseph

Vice President Merchandise, Guitar Center
Nance is the first person that ever made me think, “what does the landscape to your success look like,” as opposed to “what are your goals, what are your dreams, what are your aspirations.” That made a huge impact because it gave me an opportunity to step back & focus on the road to success.

Speak Up! & Succeed

Nance Speaks. Nance Writes.