Let’s bridge the gap between your real life and your ideal life.


Let’s bridge the gap between your real life and your ideal life.


Get and Keep a
Great, Great Job

CNBC calls Nance the “top job coach” because she is a leading expert on career development, career transitions, communication and personal branding. She was a marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, host of International Business on public radio, president of the Medical Marketing Association and director of market development in the Fortune 500 technology sector. Now she trains companies around the world, is a faculty member at UCLAx, Chief Learning Officer for NewCareerPlanning.com and a well-known career and business development coach. She was a statistical analyst for the State of California, Department of Mental Health, producing employee development assessments. She pioneered the concept of Communication Leadership for business and career success.

Get and Keep a
Great, Great Job

CNBC calls Nance the “top job coach” because she is a leading expert on career development, career transitions, communication and personal branding. She was a marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, host of International Business on public radio, president of the Medical Marketing Association and director of market development in the Fortune 500 technology sector. Now she trains companies around the world, is a faculty member at UCLAx, Chief Learning Officer for NewCareerPlanning.com and a well-known career and business development coach. She was a statistical analyst for the State of California, Department of Mental Health, producing employee development assessments. She pioneered the concept of Communication Leadership for business and career success.

You will never be paid more or more easily, than when you are paid to be YOU.

My Job is Making You Succeed

I help individuals and companies reach their potential for success with soft skills training, communication leadership workshops and career coaching. I also work with universities preparing their students for career success. I’m known as the top job coach because my people succeed. My greatest joy is showing people who think they lack the skills, talent and connections how to communicate and succeed. The evidence is 97% of the people I have coached are happily working at great jobs, often ones they never thought they would get hired to do. Some of my clients became entrepreneurs, even with little prior experience. My business clients have landed 79% of the pitches they made. Key to success? Soft skills, communication leadership and personal development are the keys to sustainable career success and business success.

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Every day you have the opportunity to say the one thing that will change your life.

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… to say the one thing that will change your life!

  • Be popular, influential and attract amazing opportunities
  • Feel self-confident and stress-free in any meeting, presentation and conversation – even job interviews
  • Be ready with the perfect words to say at networking events, industry meetings – even cold sales calls
  • Get strangers to INSTANTLY like and respect you
  • Exude magnetism, charisma, attractiveness and power
  • Create instant friendships and relationships with anyone you meet (yes, even if you’re an introvert)
  • Reduce friction, objections and resistance with one simple technique
  • Persuade almost anyone to agree with you

How you feel about yourself is like a cold.
It’s contagious.

Universities & Colleges

Nance Rosen has taught at

Kelly Eddins

Associate Director of Career Development

McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

For the learners, every moment with Nance offered an opportunity for thought, for learning, and for engaging. Working with Nance was truly a DREAM! Every step of the planning process, from conception through to execution, was effortless, and carried out with the highest level of care, commitment, professionalism, and enthusiasm. From beginning to end, Nance made obvious her dedication to educating, to inspiring, to encouraging, and to empowering. I could not have asked for a more collaborative, more supportive, or more giving of partners, in bringing this program together.”

Truly my go-to person. Just reach out and call her. Nance will bring her deep commitment to your students, plus her imagination, generous spirit and amazing presentation skills. She lights up a room with an engaging delivery style that provides value to each student. If you have a group of students, a topic or just an idea for a new program, Nance will joyfully collaborate, quickly develop curriculum that embraces your learning objectives and make sure your educational goals are met on time, on target and on budget.”

Van Anderson

Director of Corporate Education & Custom Programs

UCLA Extension

Robert Chi, PhD

Program Director

Austin Education
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Nance delivers great content for an international audience that wants to learn US marketing and business practices from an A-list presenter. She accommodates all the customs and special requirements you might have, while engaging and inspiring students to reach for their aspirations. I invite her again and again because I trust her to do everything necessary to make their experience an excellent investment of time and attention.”

As an educator myself, I cherish what Nance brings to her students and audiences. I invite her again and again because she is personally committed to each and every learner. She is encouraging, smart and funny. She helps you rise ABOVE what you think is your greatest potential. The proof is: she makes winners. Her courses are life-changing. You will get that big job, write your book, win the promotion and bring in the big orders.”

Bobby Borg


Musician’s Institute

The purpose of communication is to create relationships.

Companies & Organizations

Nance Rosen has trained

Joe Friend

Vice President of Advertising Technology Solutions

Fox Networks Group

Our company suffered from an issue of “too many”; too many meetings, too many emails, too many attendees in each meeting, too many recipients per note, and far too many words in all. So we looked for a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem; enter Nance Rosen. Nance worked with me to refine her syllabus to focus on the key areas of improvement, that of professional business communications, to develop a curriculum customized to our organization. Upon entering the room, Nance is a force majeure, immediately commanding all attention in the most engaging of ways, being human. She established instant rapport and bona fides while centering our group of company management on our day-long purpose of making valuable use of company time (therefore efficiency and money). And the team responded with gusto to her methods. We are realizing the results of her training daily. I believe the best recommendations should only answer a single question: would I hire this person again? The answer is: most definitely.”

Nance’s ability to customize a program for our organization with our specific goals in mind is perhaps the most exciting and lucrative link in our educational program. Her personal commitment to our success and her attention to the development of our talent infuses our program with much more momentum and more value than we could have imagined. This is the best investment we could make to show our employees, stakeholders and customers that we are dedicated to bringing our best to every interaction and relationship.”

John Bwarie



Helen Kim

Chapter President

American Marketing Association

We have events and then we have events that feature Nance Rosen. She brings a one-of-a-kind excitement, straight talking clarity about careers and pure generosity of heart that blanket the audience with optimism and purpose. She makes magic happen in the lives of people who follow her guidance, and they know she’s the real deal as soon as Nance speaks.”

Activate your 3 super-powers: inner wisdom, self-acceptance and clear-eyed optimism.


As a technology professional, I found Nance’s training and development to be a rock-solid foundation for my making the most successful career transition imaginable. I was able to confidently interview, get hired for an immensely satisfying job, make positive connections with co-workers and really understand how to succeed in a fast-paced, change-intense work environment.

David Tseng

Cloud Platform Engineer, AT&T

Successfully entering and moving up in the corporate world is dependent on all the skills and traits Nance has almost magically imbued in my approach to work and life. The ability to study and learn from her program has been the most positive and powerful element in my trajectory to a position with a company that I am so proud to have as my employer.

Rebecca Fabbri

Marketing Coordinator, Boingo

Nance – I just want to let you know that I made it, I reached my goal. Today, I did my first day as the new SBM Manager at Red Bull, which means I am the country manager for the Student segment in Sweden. And it is really important for me that I let you know, that a lot is because of you. You taught me the skills and knowledge which has led me here, you were a great mentor and inspiration. Thank you!

Max Hemmingson

Country Manager, Students, Red Bull Sweden

Nance is a truly authentic teacher and coach; one who inspires, leads and gives invaluable knowledge to marketers that can be applied in the real world. Consider yourself really lucky if you ever hear her speak or take any of her classes. Nance possesses an in-depth knowledge of the subject she teaches that can be used by anyone: from someone new to a very experienced professional. She also never fails to show genuine interest in her students while teaching. I strongly recommend her.

Olga Alexandra Romanova

Associate Brand Manager

Nance is a trusted resource for c-suite level executives like myself who appreciate the additional perspective, insights and experience you can only gain from a veteran of both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. I value her counsel when new opportunities and challenges arise, and I want someone in my corner. I highly recommend her as a business and career coach.

Michael Nishi, CPA

CFO, Restaurant and Franchise Industries

Dear Nance! I work at Apple now and I am responsible for CRM at the store. All that love in customer relationships thanks to you! I got this promotion in only 6 months in the company. I realized I am capable and that hard work is recognized. You were a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for all your support and amazing teaching!

Chiara Franconieri

Apple, Customer Service Brazil

Thanks to you and this blog, I have secured a position in sales for a well-known furniture dealership. THANK YOU! Great advice.

Brian Castellanos

Strategic Business Development Manager, Workrite Ergonomics

I literally use what Nance taught me every single day. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Her course is rigorous and challenging but very rewarding in the end. I had the opportunity to apply the skills and concepts she taught me while working on the final project. Whether you are a student, job seeker, employee or just thinking about launching a new business: do not miss the chance to get her one-of-a-kind instruction and support. You will get a positive and powerful lens to see the world, and you will succeed!

Fatih Turgut

Product Manager at Sony Pictures Entertainment

The feedback I received from our membership has been overwhelming. Your presence helped make our meeting a great success. Your presentation was enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you for being our speaker.

Ken Noland

President at Association of Professional Consultants

Nance, I have seen you electrify and educate an audience on marketing in ways that quite frankly, few business leaders have ever experienced. Time and time again, on so many subjects, you have made relevance out of seemingly mysterious material: the mind of the consumer. Your ability to customize presentations and interact with the audience are tremendous.

Ruben Alvarez, Jr.

Executive Director at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Nance is like a million of dollars but her human value grows over time. She is positive and powerful. The things I’ve learned made me reconsider the way I communicate with other people in my life and improved my confidence in public speaking. Now I’m taking advantage of the communication process and building even better relations with people. There are three unforgettable events in your life: when you are born, when you have first sex and when you meet Nance.

Alex Bekhterev

Digital Marketer, Emarsys

Nance offers a fresh and exciting experience. I will forever carry the shared wisdom and insight with me throughout my career. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to have an upper hand in their careers.

Patrick Barkhordarian

Vice-President, Partnerships at CauseForce, LLC

Nance is, hands down, the most engaging business teacher I’ve had. I took her Consumer Behavior course at UCLA just after I started a new marketing role at my organization and was able to immediately apply the learnings to my job. Nance’s course had the perfect mix of lectures, group work, and activities, and helped me build confidence in developing marketing strategies at work. Nance is also very accessible to her students, even after course completion.

Sarah Baumann

Employment Consultant at Orion

Nance is an amazing speaker and understands business as none else. She is able to explain the most complex ideas with down to earth concepts and a very engaging style. I had signed for just one class at UCLA but then signed up again on every single class she was imparting. As a business partner she is absolutely dedicated to each one of her clients and is always looking up for everybody, multitasking and creating a network for us professionals. Forever grateful!

Magda Andrade-Armistead

Director of Customer Loyalty & Credit Marketing at Curacao

Nance was my instructor for a “Business Development and Pitching the Perfect Presentation” class at UCLA. Nance is more than a highly professional and motivated teacher – she is an outstanding, inspirational coach and speaker. Nance helped me to realize a lot of mistakes I have been making and opened the ways to improve my communication and presentation skills. Nance is very energetic, positive and charismatic leader. I highly recommend her as a teacher, coach or business consultant.

Wen Sun

Retailing Employee

Nance reflects everything that a teacher should have now: simplicity, clarity, accuracy, honesty and professionalism. Her course was not only the one that I learned more, but also was the one I liked and had more fun. Without any doubts, I would recommend anyone to take one of her classes, it’s priceless.

Izan Coomonte

Business Development Manager, Life Coach

The New Business Development and Pitching the Perfect Presentation class that Nance Rosen teaches at UCLA is essential to those seeking a career in marketing. I really enjoyed attending Nance’s class and listening to all of her experiences in the marketing field. The three-hour sessions just flew by. She knows how to engage her audience in a way no one else can. Not only will her teachings be useful in my career; I know I will apply everything I learned from reading Speak Up! & Succeed in every other aspect of my life. Thank you, Nance.

Maider Izeta


I recommend Nance as I had the pleasure of being her student at UCI. Her marketing knowledge, and teaching skills are admirable. While teaching the class of B2B Marketing she showed great passion for the topic. Nance is one of those teachers a student will always remember with joy and gratitude.

Rodrigo Echeverria

Senior Director, Cloud Service Management at OpenText

Nance was the instructor for a Sales Promotions class at UCLA. She brought much real-life experience into the classroom. This experience made the classroom fun and interesting. Nance gave many opportunities for students to bring in personal experiences as well. Nance created a great learning environment for all students.

Bradley Adams

EM Procurement and Sourcing Analyst at Johnson & Johnson

I still think you are the most amazing teacher I have ever had. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with your students. Best teacher EVER!!!!!!!

Tamry McCauley

Nance, you are the Best Teacher Ever!!!

Victoria Maio

Digital Marketing Strategist, Accenture

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Over and over and over. I got incredible news today, getting funded to continue working in an area I love, in a field that I love, and transitioned into a month after I first met you. Honestly, I often ask myself, how on earth did I land here, I am so happy! And it was you!!!! Thank you!!! Work is only work when you wish you were doing something else. I love what I am doing. Met you, attended your class when I was broken, happy to say the cascade of positive interactions started with you!!!

Angela Dyborn


Do NOT miss the opportunity to study with Nance! Under her guidance, I was able to produce a world-class work sample that I use to impress prospective employers and go after the job of my dreams. Nance is an extraordinary resource for anyone seeking a new career or moving ahead in business. If you are at a place where you need a positive, encouraging and expert resource, a force of nature to motivate you, and someone you can trust because she has the business experience to guide you: Nance is your answer.  

Alec Limorelli 

Nance Rosen is a superb business coach. She is creative, supportive, inspirational and enthusiastic. Her unique approach in guiding one on “How to Package and Sell Yourself with the Outcome in Mind” kept me focused and confident.

Darleen Ghirardi

Vice-President of Procurement at Comcast Spectacor

Nance is a pleasure to be around on a business and personal level. She brings a vast amount of knowledge in communicating, advertising and marketing at an executive level. I have had the pleasure of working with Nance on a few projects and I recommend her to anyone growing, re-vamping or creating new products and services.

Jaromy Pittario

Vice-President, Sales and Partnerships for Stackcommerce

I was a student in Nance’s UCLA class “Business Development and Pitching the Perfect Presentation.” I am recommending Nance because I obtained each outcome I had mapped out because of her teachings. Nance provides each student with invaluable knowledge and resources that are based on her expansive real-world business experiences as well as a very impressive educational background.

Nance gave me the tools to obtain new business and has inspired confidence in myself to grow my business like I did not think was possible. I am a better businessman and person because of her class.

Parham Nabatian

Founder and CMO, Infinite Communications and The DocsSite.com

Nance Rosen is a speaker and instructor of the highest quality. Her reputation precedes her, with many loyal students who have continued learning from and growing with Nance over the years. She is particularly known for possessing an astounding breadth of knowledge and a unique communication style which is clear, motivating and entertaining. I look forward to hearing Nance speak in the future.

Daniel Gill

Expressive Arts Specialist, Pacific Primary

Nance Rosen is a vivacious speaker who knows how to ignite student interest in all manner of business presentation practices. Her ready willingness to collaborate with her business partners brings significant benefits to all parties.

Dr. Laura Wilhelm

Staff Writer, Hollywood Times

Nance is a very energetic instructor and has a vast knowledge about the world of Marketing. She is always positive and always provides the right tools and motivates her audience to excel in whatever they do.

Sonny Suciawan

Global Design Engineer

Nance Rosen is a very dynamic instructor who makes you critically think about the state of the marketing environment in our country. Having taken two of her classes at UCLA, she would often ask “What do you want your career to be?” She provides a straight-ahead approach to teaching practical elements of the marketing environment. I recommend taking any class she offers, you will experience both the text book and real-life application to the issues she presents in her classes. She is also a very inspirational person to speak with on just about any topic.

Frank Joseph

Marketing and Branding Consumer Electronics

“I came away with a deeper understanding of how I can make the most of interactions to advance my professional objectives. I can structure emails, meetings, and conversations to align with our corporate objectives and productivity goals. I also appreciate the compassion-based approach to business.”

Stefanie Kleinsmith

Director, Ad Technology Systems
FOX Networks Group

Nance, yesterday you were there in my mind. All of a sudden, I got this flashback and recalled the first moments when my venture began. I was your student in the post graduate Marketing Communications Course at UCI. I shared with you my project of becoming a distributor of a company then located in Connecticut, but I wasn´t sure because the brand was unknown, and I had doubts about traveling so far, but the product seemed to be promising. You just said: “Go for it and get this business for yourself.” I did it, and here I am, after 16 years of continuous growth and success. I realized I didn´t take the opportunity to express my gratitude and thank you. Today is the day.

Gustavo Guisa de Alba



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