I’m Nance Rosen

I want to help you get a great job. I want to help you succeed in the workplace. I want companies to be inclusive, human-friendly places where productivity and profitability soar. I want to help build businesses filled with happy clients and prospects who want exactly what you have to offer.

Here’s what I do. I help individuals and companies reach their potential for success with soft skills training, communication leadership workshops and career coaching. I also work with universities preparing their students for career success. My business coaching practice is geared to help executives, technical staff and aspiring managers become expert-level communicators in meetings, conversations and presentations, via email and in online environments. Workshops, online learning, coaching and consulting: that is what I do.

Do you know what you want – what you really, really want?

I have special programs for people who want to jumpstart their careers after stalling or failing, or those who want to make a successful career transition. If you need guidance about making and leveraging relationships for career and business success, I can help you! If you need to discover what you really, really want: I can help you.

Here’s my story. As the daughter of a milkman and a homemaker, I left home at 16. I became the youngest person at that time to attend UCLA and worked three jobs to put myself through school.

When I graduated, I competed against 1000 candidates for a job in advertising with the second largest ad agency in the world. Every single one of the people who applied had more skills, experience and knowledge than I did. The only advantage I had was knowing how to talk to people. One of favorite professors in school pioneered a new field of communication: the sociology of conversation. I trained with him and understood from an early age how to receive information and respond compassionately with the right pace, pitch and tone. That’s how I got my first job, against all odds!

The ad agency that hired me sent back to school to learn media buying, the most fundamental skill I needed and did not have. Why would they hire me without the necessary skills? I was the right person, who simply needed to learn the right skills. And, I did learn – while I was employed!

After that first job in my long and successful career, I never again got hired for a position that had ever been held by anyone else. How? I either helped create my job description or modified it so it would be perfect for me – often while I was being interviewed for the first time. Plus, I kept up my lifelong learning habit to stay current on the latest technology, trends and thought leadership in all kinds of industries. I also got coached by people who helped me succeed.

Think about it. Every job you take should be satisfying in all the small and large ways that make you feel motivated to do your best. When do you feel good at work? When you are authentic, and the people around you accept and value you. They do their best when you do the same.

So, learning soft skills, especially communication and collaboration, is the foundation of success.

The closer you get to the real YOU, the happier and richer you’ll be.

I want to be seen as a unique human being, not a human doing. And, that’s what I want for you, too. I want to help you find a great job or create the perfect business. I want your company or clients to value everything about you and help you be your best.

There are all kinds of ways you can learn the hard skills and you should, but what you really need to succeed are soft skills. Hence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence are a fundamental part of everything I teach and coach.

Education exists to prepare people for life. So, let’s put soft skills in education.

What are soft skills? Communication. Collaboration. Compassion. Etiquette. Patience. Resilience. Perseverance. Self-care. Gratitude. Adventure. Vision. Joy. All this comes under the field I can help you master: self-management.

The degree that you manage yourself equals the degree you can lead others.

If you want to do what I do: bring your heart, your good intentions and every bit of knowledge you accumulated in life to work: there’s nothing you cannot learn in order to get and keep a great job. That’s how you get a promotion. That’s how you open the right business. That’s how you get and keep great clients.

I’m proof you do not need the “perfect” credentials, experience, skills, education or anything else you think holds you back.

Now, as a former marketing executive at The Coca-Cola Company, first woman director of marketing in the Global 2000 technology sector, host of International Business on public radio, president of the Medical Marketing Association and today as an educator at UCLAx, author, speaker and successful, serial entrepreneur: I want to show you how to get what YOU want.

No matter how big your goals or how confused you feel about getting on track: I can help you with your career and business aspirations.

Let’s bridge the gap between your real life and your ideal life.

I’m known as America’s top job coach because my people succeed. Of all the people I coached for career success, 97% are happily working at jobs they never thought they would get hired to do. Some of my clients founded their own successful companies, many without any prior experience. My business clients have landed 79% of the pitches they made.

My greatest joy is showing regular people who think they lack the skills, talent and connections how to succeed.

Soft skills, especially communication leadership and personal development are the keys to everlasting success. I can teach you and coach you how to succeed.

Every day you have the opportunity to say the one thing that will change your life.

I reduce the anxiety of meeting and talking to recruiters, hiring managers, prospects, clients and colleagues. I cut through the confusion of what to say and how to act online and on-ground.

I mentor people on-the-job so people they work with like them, trust them and care about them. I help them increase their compensation, visibility and potential for success. And, I seek to inspire companies to nurture their employees and embrace their authentic, natural qualities so the workplace is an inclusive, collaborative, inspiring and productive space.

The close you get to your authentic self, the happier and richer you will be.

I am proud to work with universities, colleges and schools who want their graduates who go on to become stellar alumni. Successful educational institutions now do more than academically prepare students. They ensure their graduates are sought after, not just thrown into a pool of qualified candidates. They invest in their students building soft skills, life skills, people-skills and self-management so they enjoy deeply satisfying careers and businesses.

Companies hire and promote employees who are prepared for the workplace. Soft-skills, effective communication, self-management and collaboration are learned, not instinctive.

Human capital is the best investment. Soft skills like commitment, congeniality, collaboration, communication and creativity are the drivers of profits and productivity. Companies earn the greatest returns when employees believe they matter and have respect for the people around them. Creating a motivated, collaborative workforce requires seeing employees as individuals who need leadership, guidance and recognition.

I help companies invest wisely and fruitfully in building the soft skills of people who are central to reaching their goals.

If no one has prepared you for life as you find it today, if no one has been accessible to help you, if you need someone who believes in you: I am here for you.

Above anything else I have achieved, I want to be an example, a resource and a mentor. I have pulled together the soft skills and everything else that created success for me and for thousands of my students, clients, employers, entrepreneurs and corporations plus the brilliance of thought-leaders and successful business people who influenced me.

In my programs and coaching I make it all available, so you can confidently, joyfully, bravely and proudly live your best life by acquiring the soft skills that lead to career success and business success.

The best time to start is right now and then never stop improving.

There’s a lot of free help here and some things you can purchase so I can continue to help every single person, company and educational institution that value what success in the workplace means to living your best life. Let me help you help yourself and those you serve.

Here’s to your success!