Nance Speaks: The #1 Relationship Problem That Stalls Your Career

#1 Relationship Problem Stalling Your Career

All of us have experienced “relationship” problems. You might have a problem with your girlfriend or boyfriend, life partner, parent, sibling, business partner, best friend, roommate, boss, coworker or even a neighbor. Really, given the number of people in your life, especially when you add your FB fame or any other cyber group you’re in: Read more about #1 Relationship Problem Stalling Your Career[…]

Nance Speaks: A Hot Tip To Advance Quickly in Your Career

A Hot Tip To Advance Quickly in Your Career

What is it so hard to believe you should be the best you can be, and work for someone else? Why do so few people genuinely want to be employees? Why is it impossible to believe you can be a person with great self-worth who also respects the opportunity to work? Apparently, most Millennials believe Read more about A Hot Tip To Advance Quickly in Your Career[…]

Nance Speaks: Surprise! 90,000 Gifts for You!

Surprise! 90,000 Gifts for You!

Why would anyone want 90,000 gifts for Christmas or whatever your seasonal holiday is? Not even the greediest person would want 90,000 gifts, right? Not even the #1 person on Santa’s list, the nicest person who deserves the best of the season’s bounty wants 90,000 gifts. So where on earth is someone getting 90,000 gifts? Read more about Surprise! 90,000 Gifts for You![…]